Games of 2022 that you should not miss

Games of 2022 that you should not miss

The year 2022 brought many releases, some of which were expected by gamers for many years. But, as always happens, against the background of the appearance of obvious legendary projects, some projects were in the shadows, which could become just as popular too. That is why we will try to fix it in this article, we will try to describe some interesting game projects.

Games that don’t must be ignored

There are many of such games, to be honest. That’s why it would be foolish to just list them all. We would still need one article to do that. However, we will tell you about some masterpieces that you should not ignore.

Life Is Strange and True Colors

Life Is Strange is a series of legendary games in the genre of interactive cinema. So, the first parts produced a real buzz, a series of spin-offs and sequels that appeared subsequently, were less weak and did not make much impression on fans. That’s why the developers decided to fix it and made a release of the project called True Colors.

This time, the Deck Nine Americans were able to delight their devoted fans and all those who appreciate unique games with a combination of intriguing history, beautiful visual component, detailed characters and magnificent sound.

Resident Evil: Village

The famous Resident Evil series continues to surprise fans and continues its experiments, while still keeping the bar and retaining its unique features, thanks to which many users love this project. In the new instalment, Village’s developers were again able to attract the attention of a mass of gamers, displaying an interesting setting and a set of very charismatic characters.

Some fans have tried to accuse Village of not having a very eerie atmosphere. But no one will dispute the fact that this project is very detailed and you will get a lot of pleasure from this experience. At the same time, playing this game has become much more dynamic. This may indeed be a deviation from the canon, but true fans cannot be offended, as the developers do not forget about it and regularly create remakes of Resident Evil that are made in the classic style.

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Resident Evil: Village

Biomutant: Experiment 101

Many users gave the project a poor rating, including various publications, bloggers and individual gamers. But many of them not only tried Biomutant, but also continue to play in this project. This contradiction has one secret that we can describe. First, the developers repeatedly postponed the release. Secondly, they were very skillfully stimulating the interest of their audience. Thus, the expectations of gamers turned out to be very high. When the Biomutant project was released, many of them didn’t get what they expected. They did not like the technical problems that had appeared in the game, which spoiled their experience of gameplay.

In addition, the gameplay was quite unique. That’s why many users have decided to forget about this game, but we think it’s in vain. If you spend a few hours in Biomutant trying to understand the basic message of the developers, you have to admit that they have made a very bold attempt to create a large, detailed world with very interesting storylines. There is a beautiful story too. Hardly any other project gives so much optimism, shares Eastern wisdom and looks so beautiful. So Biomutant deserves to give this project a chance.

2022 was the year when many of us saw very interesting and unique projects from different studios that are suitable for both computers and smartphones and tablets. Also, today’s environment makes this a big advantage for many games. So, there is a great intensity with which Android free apps downloads take place. If you are still interested in these programs and games, you will certainly support the developers in their endeavours. This is why developer Raven Software develops Call of Duty: Warzone for smartphones, and Blizzard has released WOW for mobile devices.

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