Useful mobile apps for apartment search

Useful mobile apps for apartment search

Finding a good apartment takes 1 to 1.5 months, sometimes accompanied by stress and uncertainty. In addition, it takes a lot of time: up to 2 hours a day for monitoring and calls and up to 10 hours a week for viewing properties. At the same time, the result is not always guaranteed. Fake ads, outdated offers, and incomplete information complicate the process.

There are different applications

All kinds of services that help you find housing constantly appear on the market. These are sites and applications with a database of objects, filters, and convenient sorting of apartments. Ideally, such services solve several problems at once:

  • monitor the relevance of the database;
  • check the owners who publish ads;
  • check information about the objects;
  • help you quickly sort out what you need from a huge amount of data.

Alas, not all services cope with their tasks. For example, if you open any real estate ad aggregator, you will see many ads with knowingly inaccurate information. This is understandable: it is almost impossible to moderate the site, which publishes thousands of people. The base will be high quality, provided the site administration selects and publishes the ads.

The service allows you to:

  • search by type of transaction – buying or selling;
  • choose the type of real estate – secondary, new construction, country, and commercial real estate;
  • calculate mortgage payments and compare conditions in different banks;
  • view and filter objects.

The basis of applications is a daily updated database of objects for access to which you do not have to pay. It does not include random objects – they are added by a company specialist only after careful inspection and evaluation. Each apartment in  is evaluated according to more than 60 criteria, and the results are shown in the object card directly in the application.


To view the objects, you need to go to the filters section. Here, you can select interesting offers by the following criteria:

  • number of rooms
  • districts
  • price range
  • Options with installments or discounts
  • Year of construction
  • distance to the city
  • story
  • type of finishing
  • area.

The issue does not get irrelevant offers, so you can not worry about the ads’ order.

Having chosen a suitable option, you can read the detailed characteristics: see what makes up the rating, browse the carousel with photos and layouts, read about the neighborhood and features of the building, and specify the seller’s conditions. With the help of a map, you can explore the area’s infrastructure around the object: look for parks, banks, schools, pharmacies, and supermarkets nearby.

You can apply for a mortgage on almost any property you like. Here, you can calculate payments in seconds, relying on the loan term, the length of the down cost, and your income level. If you have finally decided on your choice, you can leave a request for a consultation with a mortgage specialist in a couple of touches.

Real Estate Sales

In the app, you can estimate the value of your property and track and manage the sale process. Change the price and add photos. And also offer to change the description of the object.

Functionality is not limited – all tools are available on cell phones and tablets. Add your favorite variants of apartments in “Favorites,” save your searches, and they will appear in the “Subscriptions” section. Consult on real estate issues in the “Specialists” section.

The real estate search application is an intuitive and simple tool for those who have already gone through all the difficulties in real estate transactions and now want to work only with trusted owners.

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