Mobile apps that will write essays for you

Mobile apps that will write essays for you

Technology is continually revolutionizing how students and professionals approach essay writing. We are in a digital renaissance, where Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Natural Language Processing (NLP) have become pivotal in content creation.

Whether you’re a student aiming for academic excellence or a writer looking to enhance productivity, numerous impressive applications are available to help you craft well-structured and engaging essays. This article will explore several cutting-edge AI writer apps, each offering unique benefits and features.

When used responsibly, these tools can significantly enhance the writing process and aid in skill development. However, over-reliance on them may impede the development of critical thinking, research, and writing abilities, which are crucial for academic and personal growth.

Thus, while apps can help the writing process, they should be used thoughtfully and complement a student’s efforts, although it’s cool when AI writes essays for you.

AI Essay Writer (

The AI Essay Writer app by revolutionizes content generation, elevating your writing to new heights. This advanced AI-powered system goes beyond grammar correction; it crafts captivating introductions, persuasive arguments, and impeccable conclusions.

Students should recognize that this essay-writing app is not a shortcut to success. It should serve as a source of inspiration and guidance rather than a replacement for genuine research and writing efforts. The responsibility of thorough research, maintaining originality, and fine-tuning the essay to meet specific requirements still lies with the student.

Benefits and Features:

  1. Effortlessly Create Exceptional Content: The AI Essay Writer by is a breakthrough tool in content creation. Its sophisticated AI algorithm evaluates your ideas and generates compelling openings, persuasive arguments, and flawless conclusions.
  2. Enhance Your Writing: Whether you’re an aspiring author looking to publish a book or a student aiming for top grades, its intelligent recommendations help refine your sentence structures, select appropriate terminology, and improve readability, ensuring your work stands out.
  3. AI-Driven Research: Bid farewell to long research hours! This AI-powered app scours millions of reliable sources to provide pertinent data.
  4. Rapid Results: Meeting tight deadlines is no longer an issue with AI Essay Writer. Its efficient interface allows you to produce high-quality content in no time—sometimes as quickly as 30 seconds! This feature is invaluable for students and professionals working under time constraints.
  5. Achieve Better Grades: For students, the AI Essay Writer app is an essential tool to impress professors, dazzle peers, and earn accolades with well-crafted essays and assignments. Its capability to generate top-notch content ensures your academic work stands out.
  6. Accessibility: AI Essay Writer is readily available on the Google Play and App Store, making it accessible to many users.
fountain pen
Fountain pen

Essay AI Lab

Essay AI Lab offers a distinctive approach to essay writing. By searching the internet for pertinent information based on your title and prompt, it compiles a comprehensive essay that integrates multiple sources.


  1. Citations and References: Essay AI Lab ensures academic integrity by including citations and research references in APA or MLA format.
  2. Paragraph Selection: Unlike traditional essay generators, Essay AI Lab lets you choose each paragraph from a selection of samples, giving you greater control over your essay’s structure and content.
  3. Paraphrasing: Essay AI Lab adeptly paraphrases content to address plagiarism concerns, ensuring originality.
  4. Free to Use: A significant advantage of Essay AI Lab is its free accessibility, making it available to a broad audience.


  1. Registration Required: You must register to save or download your work.
  2. Semantic Changes: As with any paraphrasing tool, there is a risk that rephrasing may alter the meaning of words or phrases.
  3. Citations from Various Sources: While Essay AI Lab includes citations, some may come from less conventional sources like blogs and news websites, necessitating additional verification.
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