Important features of smartphone application development

Important features of smartphone application development

A lot of people use smartphones and tablets. Developing programs for them is one of the most relevant activities in modern technology. If you are aware of the features of mobile application development, then to create a popular platform that gets you good income, it will be real for you, and also very easy and interesting.

Smartphone application development language

This depends on the type of product created. So, if you are developing a native type program, then for a particular operating system, you should choose a language that is suitable for iOS or Android. Then, your platform will be installed on someone’s device through an appropriate store such as the Google Play or Apple App Store. The best options, which experts develop mobile applications for iOS, are OBJECTIVE-C or SWIFT and Java or Kotlin for Android.

Cross-platform versions of such programs have a single code base and work on devices with different operating systems. The best languages to help you develop cross-platform mobile applications are:

  • React Native;
  • Flutter;
  • Xamarin.

There is also a progressive type of software such as Progressive Web Apps (PWA). There are very useful tools that help users in the process of running the program in a web browser, not on a smartphone. They are like a hybrid of regular websites and mobile programs. PWA uses some HTML, CSS and JavaScript.

Application development

The most important factors in the development of the smartphone application

First of all, the program should be simple. This applies to the design, functionality, management and actions of the user. Ease of access is especially important. Do not include additional details: there is a risk of users moving to competitors.

What nuances should be checked:

  1. You should make sure that this program has a high download speed on different devices. Security is also a very important factor that you should not ignore.
  2. Operating modes. Versions operating not only online but also offline have a very high value among developers since users may not worry about a bad network in this case.
  3. Pop-up notifications. Thanks to them, the person can easily remember the new functionality, timely see the messages.
  4. Regular updates. New features will encourage customers to use the utility more often and will attract a new audience.
  5. Real-time usage. Games and chat programs make such a platform more attractive.

The important point is customization: your program should have a choice of user interface design according to the wishes of clients, such as the ability to change font text, size, colour, background image. It is convenient to have a day or night operation mode, as well as to download images and files from mobile devices.

Also, you should remember about such a possibility of using the platform as branding. It will help you improve your business and make it more popular and familiar. As a marketing tool, this platform works particularly well for fitness clubs, cafes, restaurants, beauty salons, hair salons, entertainment clubs, deliveries and taxis. However, professionals use such platforms not only in the service sector. So, huge online stores get many benefits from such web development too. For example, an indicator of program development is that a very large proportion of customers visit the Internet through smartphones and tablets.

Also, before developing a program for mobile devices, you should carefully plan how you will promote it. After all, it will be necessary to look for methods other than promotion of standard websites or landing sites. It is important for you to choose the right marketing strategy, taking into account the features of ranking in the Google Play or App Store. If you are experiencing difficulties with this, we recommend that you seek help from professionals.

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