Influence of IT-technologies in movie: applications and technology

Influence of IT-technologies in movie: applications and technology

Despite the fact that many of the famous directors do not respect digital, this does not prevent this technology from becoming an integral part of modern cinema. Moreover, digital technologies are used even in those films that do not have any special effects. The reason for this is that today, directors can create movies through digital cameras. Therefore, during filming, the position of IT-director becomes very important, which organises the storage of the footage, their archiving, and system copying. There is a specialist who provides them with prompt access. If we do not pay attention to the fact that these files are intended for the film industry, then in this field, the activities of the IT-director are no different from those tasks that similar specialists perform in banks or enterprises.

But, the features of making movies still form its own specialised set of requirements to the system of digital storage. Thus, it is important for the IT Director to provide quick and reliable access to video files. It is important to understand that the value of the materials that appear even after one day of filming is very high. The fact is that it includes the cost of skilled labour and rent. That’s why you should rule out any possibility of losing information.


Influence of IT-technologies in movie: as far as necessary

In order to create and release one episode of approximately three-quarters of an hour in a movie theatre, producers would need to shoot 450 minutes or more of the footage. What exactly is the total length of the raw video shot depends on such issues as:

  • the complexity of the unfolding events on the screen;
  • saturation of actions;
  • weather.

Besides, the studios have to store the video for a long time until all the scenes are edited and colour corrected. The fact that the period of filming stretches for a couple of months to six months and even more. This situation is complicated by the fact that some of the divisions immediately start processing materials, and therefore it is important for them to synchronise the results of work literally in the process of work.

Video storage

The results of the survey should be quickly and without loss transferred to the special Data Storage Systems from those drives that are used in the cameras to a more reliable type of storage media. The reliability of Data Storage Systems is the result of the operation of such arrays as RAID (VIlvl).

As for their capacity, you should only imagine that for a single film series, about 10 terabytes of memory is needed. At the same time, one season of the series on average consists of 16 episodes, and therefore the developers need to ensure the preservation of 160 TB of information as a result. This is the minimum value. It is costly to store such volumes of information. Some creators even take out loans offline or online to cover them.

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However, you should also remember the task, which is also related to the IT field and is performed during the shooting process. We mean the need to quickly review the footage to check the correctness of the construction of scenes. Film producers have a unique term for this procedure, such as playback. During the process of playback, the prompt conversion of files occurs, which are received from digital cameras and compressed to HD format.

In this case, the Data Storage Systems that store such videos should not be suitable for special rules or requirements. Because producers don’t use working videos, they use supporting videos in the process. But we have to admit that they, too, may require extensive storage. The fact is that some scenes that happen one after another in a movie can actually be shot with a break of several months.

All that we have described in this article is only a small part of this array. That is why it should be clear to you why the role of IT technology is already so great in the modern film industry, and in the future, it will become even more, and we have no doubt about it. If you decide to start the Klede app download to get different information about movies, then you should remember that for each film novelty, some IT technology was actively used. Without them, some free applications download would not be real.

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