The best messengers that work without the Internet

The best messengers that work without the Internet

Messengers that can work without the Internet can come in handy when there is an emergency network outage or when you find yourself, for example, in an unfamiliar area without a connection.

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Messengers without the Internet are offline messaging applications. They work without an Internet connection or 2G, 3G, or 4G network coverage. Offline messengers are indispensable in many cases. Here are just a few situations where you might need them:

  1. When camping, when you’re away from communities with connectivity.
  2. During a natural disaster – earthquake, flood, hurricane, when all networks and power is out.
  3. While roaming, when you want to save money on communication.
  4. When you forget or don’t have time to pay your cell phone bill.

What are some messengers that work without the Internet?

Here are some cool messengers that support offline mode. Our team has tested them, so we vouch for the quality.


Divy is a messenger that works without the Internet. It allows you to send text, pictures, and documents. The chat room can unite up to ten people – it’s not as much as we would like, but still better than nothing. By the way, Divy has a really interesting feature. It consists of the fact that before the conversation begins, the person you’re talking to must give permission.

Moreover, there are no notifications in Divy, so this messenger can be considered quite private. The app allows you to send encrypted text messages via Bluetooth, which once again confirms its commitment to anonymity.


White Mouse Chat

White Mouse is another app for chatting without the Internet. It can be used to send text and voice messages, photos, videos, and files to users who are within a radius of up to 100 meters. You can set the app to automatically delete messages (after an hour, 8 hours, or 24 hours) or to delete them manually. Messages are only stored on the user’s device.


Vojer is a P2P messenger that creates its own network and sends messages directly to the interlocutor’s device – without intermediate servers, sites, or other intermediaries.

The application requires access to Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, a microphone, and a camera, but you can control these items in the settings of the utility: if you do not want to provide access to the microphone and camera, you can not do it, but the Wi-Fi and Bluetooth to work all the same need.


FireChat is another offline messaging app that can help you in the absence of the Internet. In addition to Bluetooth, the app also uses Wi-Fi, allowing users to send text messages when there is no internet or cellular connection.


Zapya is not only a cool file-sharing tool. This utility also offers a very handy offline chat that you can personalize. You can send messages to friends nearby without having access to the Internet, which is really cool.

By the way, Zapya’s offline chat is completely private, meaning no message is saved. But if you trust your conversation partner, you can make the messages still remain, but then he will also need to agree to this.

These are just some of the applications for your smartphone that allow you to communicate even without the Internet.

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