Review of the application Adobe Digital Editions

Review of the application Adobe Digital Editions

This application makes it possible to interact with books in the utmost convenience. This program allows you to download interesting books, conveniently store them, read them, and, if you wish, make notes and edit them later. A nice addition is the ability to convert files to the optimal format.


This mobile reading application is very interesting. Its list of features includes many useful things. For example, users can successfully synchronize the library between computers, as well as rent books from online libraries.

It is very easy to download the program. You can install it on the computer, as well as on mobile devices. The interface of the application is user friendly and simple. On the left there are all user libraries, and on the right there is the library with the books that are represented in it. In the left corner there is a block with the file you have already read.

On the right you can switch between viewing books in a table or thumbnail view. A little to the left there is a special list for sorting books. All documents can be sorted by date added, title, publisher, author, number of pages in the book, read. It is easy to add new books to this reader. It is possible to buy them in stores. When you run this program for the first time, be sure to read the license agreement. Then you need to log in and activate your account. After that, you can use the installed program.

Navigation in the library is very convenient. Users can sort files by a library. These are the bookshelves. By default, there are six shelves in the app: all books not yet read by the user, borrowed, purchased, recently read, recently added to the library. You can add your own library if you wish. To do this, you just need to click the plus sign on the screen to the left. Then you will need to come up with a name for the new shelf. Created shelves can be renamed or deleted.

Adobe Digital Editions

Now anyone can read electronic books completely free of charge. With the help of this app all common document formats can be opened. Books can be sorted by library, and a feature to create bookmarks is available. You can search for phrases and words, as well as highlight your favorite text and comment it. The interface of this application is in English. And it is not possible to choose another. But it is easy to perform all actions. To do this, there are simple keyboard shortcuts. That’s why this reading app can be used by all lovers of reading.

The program is easy to use. You need to add books to it. At the top left you can view the latest books you have opened. Just below there are your libraries. In order to add new books to them, you just need to right-click on the desired library, and choose to copy the title you want.

The program menu has items that allow you to start reading a book, view certain information, return books, remove books from the shelf, and remove them from the library altogether. There is a button at the top right that allows you to sort your library according to certain parameters. You can choose how the books are displayed.

When the user opens a book, the corresponding tab appears. You can view the navigation bar, read full screen, add bookmarks, highlight text, play multimedia files, go to the next and previous pages, search in the text. This reading application allows you to read books in a very convenient format. It is not a coincidence that this program is successfully used by many reading enthusiasts.

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